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Hardwood & Humidity

How does Humidity Affect Hardwood?

Hardwood flooring is always in high demand, with its distinctive surfaces and high-end styles. The ultimate flooring investment, a hardwood floor can grace your home for many years to come if properly maintained and situated. Before you schedule your installation, however, there are many factors to consider. Your home’s relative humidity level and the regional climate will play a major role in determining your hardwood floor’s long-term success.


At Cluff Carpet One Floor & Home in Waterford, CT, we’re the region’s most trusted hardwood specialists and can help you wisely navigate your choices. As your friends and neighbors, we’re closely acquainted with New England’s four seasons, particularly our humid summers and frigid winters. With a wide inventory of both solid and engineered hardwood flooring, we can help you meet your perfect match. Here are some things to keep in mind concerning hardwood and humidity.


Relative Humidity and Your Floors

Living in Connecticut, your home’s relative humidity level can and will fluctuate. Relative humidity- literally, the percentage of water vapor in the air- will impact your flooring and how it wears. If your home’s humidity level is too high, your planks will quickly absorb moisture, causing them to swell and warp. On the other hand, a low humidity level will shrink your planks over time, creating unsightly gaps and splinters.

Maintaining a consistent humidity level will go a long way in ensuring a long, happy, and beautiful life for your hardwood. A humidistat or hydrometer can be used for this purpose: we recommend maintaining a steady relative humidity of 42 percent. Air conditioners, window covers, and portable humidifiers and dehumidifiers are also helpful tools.

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