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Carpet Flooring in Waterford, CT

There’s nothing quite like new carpet. Warm, uplifting, and colorful carpet benefits the entire household: from grandparents to pets. Today, there are even resilient carpet floors designed for homes with small children.


We carry a full inventory of carpet flooring at Cluff Carpet One Floor & Home of Waterford, CT. With carpet products suitable for any space and need, we encourage you to browse our selections and ask questions.


Carpet Types


Which carpet type is the smartest option for you? Taking a concise overview of your space, its activity levels, and your budget to clarify your goals. Carpet pile- an industry term for your carpet’s fibers- dictates how your carpet looks, feels, and functions. The pile of your carpet can be made using both synthetic and natural fibers. Wool, polyester, nylon, and triexta are among the most popular pile types. Weave styles include options like level-loop, loop, and shag.


Life moves at a much faster pace these days, yet comfort springs eternal. Lush, inviting, and warm carpet remains one of our favorite home comforts. Once upon a time, carpet was considered off-limits for families with young children or those who have multiple pets. Thankfully, this is far from the case today. Here, you’ll find reliable, radiant carpets made to resist even the most challenging stains.


Stain-resistant carpet is available in a full spectrum of colors, patterns, and textures. Each of these carpets’ fibers is coated individually, giving ongoing protection. Spills and splashes can be successfully removed using nothing more than plain water and a clean towel, in most instances. Stain-resistant carpet, like all carpets, isn’t intended for the kitchen or bathroom. Otherwise, however, the sky is truly the limit. Stain-resistant carpet can be casual or formal, residential, or commercial. It’s a wise decision for kids’ bedrooms, playrooms, hallways, or stairs.


Carpet Installation


Modern carpet can be installed in a wide range of interior settings. Choose your carpet with care. Our carpet specialists can help you to narrow down your options based on your unique preferences and needs.


Carpet is a very versatile flooring product, but it does have its limitations. Carpet is best for areas in your home like bedrooms, dens, and living rooms. Avoid installing carpet in places with heavy moisture, like laundry rooms and basements especially. We offer a wide range of specialty carpet flooring, including those that are waterproof and with superior stain resistance. These are ideal for homes with young children and pets.


The right carpet padding can make or break your new investment. If you go with a cheap carpet pad, it will eventually reflect through and ruin those gorgeous carpets you picked out.


It’s important to have professional installers put in your new carpets. If carpet stretching is required, this process involves tools that are expensive to buy or rent. It can all too easily can be done wrong without proper experience or training.


After your carpet is installed, there are usually remnants left over. You can turn these into area rugs or even mats for places like your kitchen so your home can have a uniform look to it.


Our Carpet Selection


At Cluff Carpet One Floor & Home, we’re always on the hunt for the latest innovations in carpet flooring. You’ll find the hottest carpet brands in our showroom, located at 118 Cross Road in Waterford, CT. To learn more, visit us online or, call us today at (860) 333-5156. 


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Caring for Carpet

Keeping up with your new carpet need not be complicated but

does require a degree of commitment. Weekly vacuuming and annual

professional cleaning are necessary for a long, healthy carpet life.




Commercial Carpet Tile

A commercial flooring favorite, carpet tile

is easily customized. Find the best carpet tile

for your business space: our professional crew

is here for hasty installation.




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