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Solid and Engineered Hardwood

Finding the perfect hardwood flooring is easy when you shop with Cluff Carpet One Floor & Home. Our flooring experts have years of experience, so you can get the best advice possible. Hardwood comes in many species, colors, and plank sizes. You will also have to choose between engineered or solid hardwood planks.

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What Is Solid Hardwood?

Solid hardwood is the original wood flooring option. It is a single piece of wood that is normally ¾” thick. Some solid hardwood flooring can be refinished multiple times. Refinishing solid hardwood floors is important because over time hardwood may lose its luster. Refinishing will also smooth out most scrapes or gouges, giving you a new looking floor. Solid hardwood is a great option for bedrooms and living rooms.

What Is Engineered Hardwood?

Engineered hardwood is different from solid as it is composed of three to seven layers of real wood. Engineered hardwood is more stable than solid wood because the layers are laid cross-directionally and pressed together. This construction causes the wood grains to run in opposite directions and counterbalance wood’s natural tendency to expand or contract due to changes in temperature and moisture. Engineered hardwood is suitable for many rooms in your home, but it is still not recommended in humid environments like bathrooms and laundry rooms. Visit our showroom in Waterford, CT for our full selection of hardwood flooring. 

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