Benefits of Carpet 

At Cluff Carpet One Floor & Home, we are dedicated to bringing you the best quality carpets available. Carpet is still a top choice among homeowners today because of the comfort it brings to their homes. We noticed many people still confuse rugs from carpets, what separates a rug from a carpet is that carpets are installed wall to wall and cover the entire floor of a room. There are several carpet characteristics that play a role such as the pile style, the carpet cushion, and the base material.

What are the Different Types of Carpet?

What are the different carpet piles? Cut pile has fibers that are cut at the ends making the carpet denser. Loop pile is the opposite, where no fibers are left at the surface and are in a series of loops, giving the carpet an even look. Multi-level loop staggers the height of the loop fibers to create an uneven surface. Cut and loop piles also provide an uneven look but also give texture to the carpet and hide dirt.

Carpet fibers can also be different. You can choose from nylon, polyester, or natural wool fibers depending on your home’s needs. Learn more about carpet brands we carry below and why you should choose carpet for your home. 

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Stain Resistant Carpet

If your current carpet is unable to stand up to a busy household, consider our top stain resistant carpets. 

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Why Should I Choose Carpet?

Carpet is still one of the number one choices for in-home flooring. Let us give you a few reasons why you should choose carpet flooring. 

Why Carpet?
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Let our experts help you learn about carpet installation. We'll install any carpet we sell.

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